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Cadbury Oreo Choco Creme Biscuit Family Pack, 300 g


Cadbury Oreo Choco Creme Biscuit Family Pack, 300 g


About this item

  • This pack contains 300 g of Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Creme Biscuit.
  • This rich chocolate creme filling cookies contain 483 calories and 19.7g of fat and 0mg of cholesterol per 100g.
  • Rich, smooth Chocolate crème sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate wafers
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best creme biscuit

Oreo chocolate biscuit is always made with cocoa, which defines their unique chocolate flavour

  • Twist, lick, dunk! Enjoy OREO with a fresh glass of milk or add them to your favourite desserts
  • The perfect pack for snacking at home or on-the-go.


As their popularity continues to grow, so too does the amount of distribution that comes with it. According to the kraft foods company, the Oreo is the “World’s Best Selling Cookie”. In March 2012, time magazine reported that Oreo cookies were available in more than 100 countries. 

Oreos were first introduced into Britain through the supermarket chain Sainsbury . For several years, this was the only supermarket chain in the UK to stock the Oreo until May 2008, when Kraft decided to fully launch the Oreo across the whole of the UK. In a 2020 national poll the Oreo was ranked the 16th most popular biscuit in the UK .

In the UK, Kraft partnered with MC Donald’s to introduce the Oreo Mcflurry (which was already on sale in several other countries, including the US) into McDonald’s locations across the country during its annual Great Tastes of America promotions; in October 2015, the Oreo McFlurry then became a permanent menu item at McDonald’s in the UK. An Oreo-flavored “Krushem” drink was also on sale in KFC stores across Britain.

The ingredients of the British Oreo (as listed on the UK Oreo website) are slightly different from those of the US Oreo. Unlike the US version, the British Oreo originally contained whey powder, which was not suitable for people with lactose intolerance .  



best creme biscuit



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