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Taali Protein Puffs Snacks- Try all Six Flavours |Tasty Healthy Snacks


Taali Protein Puffs Snacks- Try all Six Flavours |Tasty Healthy Snacks


  • Pop a Puff Anytime, Anywhere – Feel the crunch of Protein Puffs in every bite. Whether you’re working hard at the gym, or sitting comfortably on your Sofa, our Protein Puffs suit every lifestyle for your protein fix for the day! It can be a vegetarian’s perfect protein alternative or a quick and fun substitute for a light meal.
  • Snacking done right – We, at Taali, wish to be a celebration of finding the perfect snack that is delicious, nutritious, and guilt-free – worthy of a Taali. We hope you love our snacks as much as we love creating them for you.
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About this item

  • Choose your favorite – Having a tough time deciding? How about 3 delicious and protein-rich puffed snacks. – Enjoy a dose of protein in all the 6 Taali Protein Puff flavors! This package contains: 2 Pudina Punch, 2 Basil Tomato, 2 Cream and Onion, 2 Smoky Barbeque, 2 Cheese & Herbs and 2 Masala Mania.
  • A Protein Filled Upgrade – Taali’s protein puffs have 60% less fat than potato chips and provide a complete protein recharge that is equal to 2 glasses of milk, or 2 eggs, or 3 bowls of dal. These are ideal protein puff for adults and kids. We make sure that we give you a savory high protein-puffed snack solution for your body’s nutrition.
  • An Amazing GLUTEN-FREE SNACK – Fueling up for the day with guilt-free snacking. Delicious and crunchy, Taali Puffs are roasted, not fried, and are a result of slow-roasting four essential ingredients together to take you on a healthy journey towards a delicious and flavorful paradise-like experience. And the best part? They are made without Maida or wheat!


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